United States Program with Commercial Company: Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is telephone service from Virgin Mobile USA. It is part of the brand which managed by the Virgin Mobile USA. However, Assurance Wireless is a United States’ special program. The government of United States through Federal Communications Commission makes a program in telecommunication service. Virgin Mobile USA becomes one of the commercial telecommunication companies which handle this program. This program government is known as Universal Service Fund. The Universal Service Fund is managed, manufactured, and marketed by the commercial telecommunication company. Then, the government involves in financing the product, in this case Assurance Wireless.

 Government Program

In the country like United States, the technology has taken over some of the human life. Communication method has changed. Telephone becomes one of the important things in people’s life. Both the number of the users and the demand in telephone service for communication are getting higher and higher every year. This situation is a good sight for commercial company in telephone service to sell more and achieve more profit. Unfortunately, the situation has brought the price of telephone service is not reasonable. Assurance Wireless becomes the solution in this situation which provided by the government with Virgin Mobile USA

Assurance Wireless for people

Virgin Mobile USA makes Assurance Wireless as their brand product which subsidized by the government of United States. As the subsidized product, people will not have to pay much to use this service. Then, the cell phone is given free. This program will help people who cannot afford to but cell phone or install home telephone and they even cannot pay the telephone if they have it. But, sometimes, they will need it to connect with other people in long distance. Otherwise, it will help them in earning some money. Visit now to find out more.