Be on The Top Search Result By Using App Store Optimization Service

First Destination

App store is always become our first destination where we want to search for a certain app. Every platform of smartphone has its own app store where the main purpose is to accommodate people’s need to get apps. In Android, the app store appears with Google Play as its name, Apple with its Apple store, and Blackberry with its Blackberry World. App store in the smartphone has appeared of the replacement of a search engine to search for apps. Basically it works the same as search engine where we can fund things that we want to download by entering the title of the app or by entering a certain keyword. Therefore, people who are venturing in the app store are also competing just like people who are venturing in making their website to be widely known in the search engine.


If people who own a site in the internet can make it site appears in the first page of a certain search engine, then people can also make their app to appear in the first page of the app store. If we are common in hearing SEO service in the internet business, then ASO service also works in the same way in the app business. ASO stands for app store optimization. App store optimization appears to be a process which enables a certain app to appear in the search results for certain keywords. Yes, when people do not know the name of the app that they are searching for, people tend to insert a certain keyword to find an app with a certain use that they are looking for. App store optimization service will make our app to appear more often as a top search result for a certain keyword. Therefore, our app will be more visible hence people are more often visiting our app’ page and try our app.