About Emotional Support Animal

Have you ever heard about emotional support animal program? Has anyone that you know register for the program? In case you suffer from emotional roller coaster or disorder, this kind of program can help you a lot. Read along to find out more about the advantages you can get from this program.


Emotional Support Animal

People with emotional disorder need help, but sometimes it is best that they are accompanied by other living creatures. Often times, these people don’t need another interference or involvement from other human beings – sometimes the presence of other people will be too much for them.


That’s why animal involvement is often needed in times like these. When you register emotional support animal program, you will be reviewed and assessed whether you do suffer from emotional breakdown. When you are considered eligible for this program, certain animal companion will be assigned for you. Dogs are the most common species used in this program, although it is also possible to use other types of animals, such as cats or even hamsters.

The Requirements

If you want to register emotional support dog program, you need to have a letter, which can be used to explain your condition to other people, such as landlords or even flight companies. Yes, this animal companion can be included in your flight plan, in case you have one. People with emotional instability or disorder often suffer from a breakdown, which can be harmful for themselves as well as others. That’s why they need to always be accompanied by the animal companion. The ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letter will describe your condition and it has legal power. Once you show the letter, you have full legal rights that no one can deny. If you want to get the letter, you need to sign up or register emotional support animal program.