How to Get Your Own Whatsapp Web Account

install WhatsApp for Web

Why I need to get the Whatsapp for Web?

Right now, you can use Whatsapp for Web via Google Chrome browser and it means you will be possible to simultaneously access your Whatsapp account on your phone, laptop, tablet and PC without have to hack. But you need to remember that Whatsapp for web is only works on Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone and also iOs users. You also have to make sure that you already installed the latest version of Whatsapp. When you get the latest Google Chrome and install Whatsapp for web at the official website of Whatsapp, you need to scan the QR code which will be pop up on screen on your PC. After all, you don’t really need the QR reader installed on your phone to read but you will need to request the desktop site in Google Chrome’s settings. When you are finished, you should launch Whatsapp on your phone and access the Settings menu to choose the Whatsapp Web. The QR reader will open on your phone and you need to point it out at your PC screen to read the QR code and finally you will automatically logged into Whatsapp Web.


Can everyone use the Whatsapp for web?


Unfortunately, no. Only you who use the Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia S60 and iOS users are good to go. Especially for iOS users, the web clients is off limits and down to “platform limitations” but you don’t need to worry too much because the lack of background multi – tasking and suitable pushes technology are already available on iPhones. Overall, Whatsapp Web will not allow you to block users, create new groups or broadcast any message and this applications should be run on stable internet connection, so you should be prepared.