Gaming Review Wii U: Super Mario 3D

Super Mario 3D is a must play game. It is made by Nintendo and released in late November 2015. If you want to see gaming review Wii U for this game, just keep reading.

Gameplay and graphic

There are 4 characters you can choose. They are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Of course, each has their own unique skills, Princess Peach hover jump, for example. The mission is to save the Sprixies from Bowser. You will travel from stage to stage, and facing boss stage in each end of the stage, and also doing miscellaneous and mini-boss battles.

There are new features in this game. There is the cat suit that allows your character to climb the wall, slash enemies and leap. The other is the cherry power-ups, which will create clones of your character.

Talking about graphic, although Wii U is not as great as PS4 and Xbox One in delivering awesome graphic, Super Mario 3D is awesome in its own way. It has a great combination of bold colorful textures and shapes, not to mention the beautiful lighting effects.

Don’t want to play alone? Play with your friends

Super Mario 3D has multiplayer features. If you don’t want to play alone, you can play this game with your friends. This game allows 4 players to play at the same time. In multiplayer mode, you and your friends can play as all the available characters. You can cooperate with your friends to reach new areas.

Don’t want to cooperate? Then compete with your friends! There are areas that force you to cooperate, yet there are also areas to race with your friends.


As I said, this game is a must play. It has beautiful graphic and a lot of interesting features inside. Super Mario 3D is a really well-thought game.