Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is a US government aid programs that provide free cell phone and free talk minutes. The government provides free cell phone and free talk service to help people with  low salary to get a good communication access. However, this free telephone service is only for people who are really qualified. Each state has different requirements. Therefore, we should see the list of approved states before applying for this service.


This service is not for everyone. However, we still have a chance to get this free cell phone and free talk minutes when we are qualified. The specific requirements are different. This depends on what state we live in currently. So we have to check if our state is included in the approved one. If we are in a country that can receive Safelink Wireless services, we must immediately check whether we meet our state's criteria for a free cell phone. There are two qualifying methods which are used by most states.

1.       a federal or state assistance program participant

When we have already received some types of assistance program, we will have a great opportunity to get Safelink Wireless services. Each country has different qualifying programs. However, in general, when we receive Food Stamps, Section 8, Social Security, or Medicaid, we will qualify for a free cell phone and free talk minutes service. Because there are other qualifying assistance programs, it will be better if we check the specific regulations of our state.

2.       Meet the income eligibility requirements

Do not worry if we do not include the participant of state assistance programs. We can see if we qualify for this free service from income eligibility requirements. If we have a household income under or between 135-150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, we can still qualify for the service. However, each state has different regulations. So we must check our state's requirements before applying it. Learn more about it at Discover Lifeline.