The Different Between Printing Design and Web Design

If we are not a designer, we may not know the different by designing for a website and for printing. For they who do know the different, web design will seem like designing digitally. However, the perception about the web design which is not different with printing design is quite wrong. The result may seem the same. But, the techniques will be different. Besides that, the function will make create printing design and web design طراحی وب سایت totally different.


The color based

The color based on the printing designed will be according the ink on the printer. The main colors of the printer are the 4 subtractive colors which consist of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. They become the key colors on the printing design. It also becomes the consideration in choosing color for the printing design. Different thing happens on web design. The consideration of the web design is the color on computer monitors. The color principle of the computer monitor is the same with television. Our web design colors will be based on the three primary colors, blue, red, and green.


Maybe, we use a computer and the same programs for printing design and web design. However, the measure of the resolution is not same between web design and printing design. For printing design, we use dots per inch. Then, for web design, we use pixels per inch. Besides that, for the best result, we should use the minimum resolution which is about 300 dots per inch for printing design and 72 pixels for inch for web design.

File types

The works between printing design and web design طراحی وب سایت are done on the computer. When we save our works to be file, we should know what type of file is available for printing and web. Some of the file types cannot be read on the printer. Then, some others cannot be uploaded to a website.