Questions You May Have about DNA Testing

Although in your place DNA testing is not a common thing to do and even talk about, but in western countries it is widely done for many purposes, like inheritance claims, child support, parent rights, adoption, and so on. Interestingly, DNA experts develop several types of testing you can choose based on your intention: prenatal DNA testing for early detection of birth defects, at home DNA testing for personal use, legal DNA testing for legal use mentioned above, and even forensic testing to find out the suspects of a crime. Wow, with just one test, you can get the answers of many things. It is amazing!


But wait. Though the test can give you the answers you are looking for, it does not mean you have no more curiosities. What about the questions about the DNA testing itself? You may have some, but this time, there will be only two common questions to answer. Check these out:

How accurate is it?

DNA testing is the most accurate paternity and family relationship testing method that is currently available. Everyone and also you have unique DNA fingerprint that comes 50% from your father and 50% of your mother. Therefore, the result of the test later on will be 100%. Yet, some experts say that it cannot be so, 99.9% is the highest accuracy of DNA testing. Although there is a slight difference in the number, you indeed can rely on the result of test.

How much does it cost?

Well, honestly, DNA testing is something expensive as it may cost more than $300. However, it actually depends on the place where you do the test. Nowadays, you do not need to come to a laboratory to do DNA testing as some websites are developed to fulfill this need, in a more affordable price. Do not worry about the accuracy, it is reliable.